The only Neutral Internet
Exchange in Albania!HIDE

Join ANIX!

Member Benefits

Reduce Transit Costs

ANIX members are able to reduce transit costs by directly peering with any Albanian networks based on public or private peering agreements within the exchange.

Reduce Latency

ANIX members are able to offer lower latency and better online experience for their customers and users by having direct peering with all major Albanian networks. All users within all members' networks will be able to reach each other over a single hop with very low latency and multi-gigabit connections.

Be part of the local ISP community

By being part of the only neutral Internet Exchange Point in Albania, members will be able to actively shape the next-generation Albanian Internet.

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How to Join

Any entity may join ANIX, provided that it possesses its own Autonomous System Number and classes of public networks obtained from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

All members must comply with the ANIX technical regulations

For further information please contact

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How to reach ANIX

Members can connect to ANIX by installing their own fiber optic cable or leasing cable/circuits through any of the other members who have available capacities and provide connectivity services to the IX. Fiber access to the building is possible through 2 separate paths from public manholes.

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